Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question 1. Are all of Australian College of Training’s qualifications Nationally recognised?

All qualifications delivered by Australian College of Training are Nationally recognised training courses.  A ‘Certificate Qualification’ is issued for full completion of a qualifications and a ‘Statement of Attainment’ for completed units in partial completion of a qualification.  This can be recognised by the use of National code related to units of competency and qualifications.  Where the College delivers a non-accredited short program a ‘certificate of attendance’ will be issued.

Question 2. Can I have a choice of units for a qualification?

The College is a flexible delivery training organisation and has a wide range of learning resources and units of competency to select from.  In all qualifications the College provides a selection of units to enable you to match your qualification to your workplace or your career aspirations.  If a specific unit is selected where the College does not have a resource for, we can find solutions to accommodate your learning needs.

Question 3. Do College courses have access to funding or Government Support?

Yes many of the College’s qualification pathways and training programs have access to funding and Government support.  These programs include traineeships, apprenticeships, programs for refugees, unemployed, and individuals with disabilities or special learning needs.  The College can provide you advice on potential funding options and pathways.

Question 4. Do I need to attend classes?

The College has a blended learning approach to training and development.  Most training programs do not require attendance to the College, in particular work-based traineeships and apprenticeships.  There are a number of short courses and programs that will require attendance to a workshop.  These may include access and equity training programs for refugees, unemployed and other disadvantaged groups.  Many courses have an industry work experience component which may require attendance to a work site.

Question 5. Can I enrol at any time or do I need to wait for semesters to start?

Australian College of Training has an open and flexible enrolment system and does not have set semesters.  Most programs allow for rolling entry where learners can register or enrol in courses at any scheduled time.  Contact the College for information on how to enrol in a traineeship or apprenticeship program, or one of our practical workshops.

Question 6. What open learning options are available?

Most of the College’s training programs have flexible open learning options available.  These include on-line learning, traditional workbooks, correspondence or distance learning and web based learning using on-line collaboration processes.  All flexible learning option include access to trainers for one-on-one support and tutorials.  Contact the College to find out how we can meet your training needs in your particular course of interest.  ACT NOW!