AMP30216 Certificate III in Meat Processing (Food Service)

AMP30216 Certificate III in Meat Processing (Food Services) is a qualification for individuals working in specialised meat services such as preparing specialty meat cuts, gourmet meat and providing meat preparation customer service.

  • Available as a traineeship – YES
  • Total number of units required – twelve (12) units
  • Course duration – 24 months
  • Non traineeship funding available – NO
  • Price range – $870 to $2350 (Student tuition fees are indicative only and are subject to change given individual circumstances at enrolement.  Additional fees may apply such as student services and resource fees)

Course Outline:

Certificate III in Meat Processing (Food Services)  is a highly flexible qualification suitable for those in job roles such as meat processing team leader, supermarket deli manager, meat processing production machinery operator and specialised boning operator.  The qualification covers work activities undertaken by workers in meat enterprises which undertake specialised services, such as preparing shelf ready packs from wholesalers or boning rooms, speciality meat cuts, gourmet meat, bulk value-added products, proving meat preparation customer services, etc.Entry into this qualification can be by direct entry without prior meat industry skills or knowledge or after completion of a Certificate II in Meat Processing qualification.

Delivery Summary:

To achieve this qualification a total of twelve (12) units of competency must be completed, including six (6) core units and six (6) elective units.  The program is self paced with training being in a workplace delivery environment or other flexible learning environment.  The program has rolling enrolments which means you can start any time and do not need to wait for semesters.  For non-traineeship enrolment the course is fee for service and the price is dependent on unit selection.

For further information or inquiries email or call (08) 9472 6111.

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