Meat Safety and Inspection Programs

Partial of full qualifications in Meat Safety and Meat Inspection.

  • AMP30316 Certificate III In Meat Processing Meat Safety, entry level post-mortem inspection program (15 units of competency).
  • AMP40516 – Certificate IV in Meat Processing (Meat Safety), higher includes  level post-mortem inspection and quality assurance (24 units of competency).
  • Course duration – is dependent on prior industry experience of learners and will be established prior to enrollment.
  • Not eligible for learners on student visa.
  • Price range – Fee for service quoted based on the program required by the learner or employer
  • Course can be delivered as full qualification of single or clustered units of competency

Example delivery case study:

Program for Food and Environment Hygiene Department Hong Kong.  Delivery of customised programs that serve as professional development for meat inspectors incorporating training in post-mortem, anti-mortem and general functions of meat inspection.  The program also included train-the-trainer and.  Additional value adding to the program included HACCP, food safety auditing and auditing in higher food risk areas including ready to eat meat products, heat treatment processes and cook chill processes.  These programs are delivered in Perth Western Australia and included practical work and assessment in working abattoirs and meat/food processing facilities.

Example delivery case study:

Program for Australian Quarantine and Inspection Services (AQIS) now Australian Department of Agriculture.  Delivery of 12 week full time intensive meat inspection cadet ship programs that enabled cadets to achieve Certificate III in Meat Processing (Meat Safety).  This was then followed by a 6 month program that enabled cadets to achieve Certificate IV in Meat Processing (Meat Safety).

Delivery Summary:

Meat Safety and Inspection Programs can be customised for the country, species and regulatory requirements of each specific client and can include Australian Nationally recognised qualifications and units of competency and non assessed skills and knowledge based programs depending on the needs of the client.  Australian qualification or units will require practical assessment in an Australian based export or domestic approved abattoir.

For further information or inquiries email or call (08) 9472 6111.

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